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People You Should Know: Paul Rand (1914-1996)

Paul Rand was one of the most prolific designers known to the industry. He was well educated (Pratt, Parson, Art Students League), an originator of Swiss Design, and later in his career taught at Yale. 

People You Should Know: Jennifer Daniel

Choose the correct answer that best describes Jennifer:

a. hilarious

b. extremely talented

c. has the most obnoxious web address

d. all of the above

(correct answer is d.)

Jennifer is probably one of my most favorite people that I’ve never met. She works a lot in editorial illustration, and does so with a distinct sense of humor.

People You Should Know: Jessica Hische

She’s everywhere! We talked about her at the beginning of the term because of her exciting typography contribution to the new Wes Anderson film. Check out her awesome site and many web based collaborations. 

People You Should Know: Stefan Sagmeister

We’ve talked about him, you should know. He’s amazing.

People You Should Know: George Lois

The guy completely change editorial design/advertising. Mr. Big Idea aka George Lois is the true Ad-Man of the 60s. Check out this great Lois writeup by none other than Steven Heller.

People You Should Know: Milton Glaser

Each week I’m going to start posting creative people you should get more familiar with. It will be a mixture of historical figures and contemporary creatives practicing today. Use these mini features as a starting point to do some more of your own research! Hopefully you’ll start to create your own posse of people that will inform your work. I would avise that you have a broad range of inspiration, not one that is merely stylistically driven. 

Now, for you to get a grasp on how amazing Mr. Glaser is, you should watch this documentary To Inform & Delight. It’s on netflix and it’s great. Hearing him talk about work, life, and the industry is eye opening.